Best Tamil Cinema

While big-budget flicks failed to impress, it’s the so-called small films that made a noise for its creative content in Tamil cinema. So, we pick the best 10 Tamil cinema from the 200-odd flicks released this year

Best Tamil Cinema

Following are our findings:

A superior follow-up to Pizza, gangster-drama Jigarthanda is the best Tamil film of this year. A riveting story about an aspiring film-maker’s effort to make a realistic gangster film based on the life of a real-life gangster.

The film, which gave Siddharth to strip himself of the chocolate boy tag, also gave the industry a fine actor like Bobby Simhaa.

Though Saivam addresses vegetarianism as a subject, at heart, it’s a family drama filled with superstitions, familial disputes, teenage romance, and culturally diverse ideologies. It’s director A L Vijay’s best and most original work so far.

Nerungi Vaa Muthamidathe
There’s a thin line between being preachy and creative while addressing a sensitive issue. Lakshmy Ramakrishnan’s “Nerungi Vaa Muthamidathe”, which dives deep into the recent petrol and diesel crisis, doesn’t tread that same path and instead addresses the subject at hand with unparalleled creativity.

Vella Illa Pattathari
After experimenting with films such as Maryan and Raanjhanaa, Dhanush returned strongly to the commercial zone.

While the film fortified Dhanush’s heroism in a tailor-made role which he comfortably pulls off which also achieves so many things right as a commercial film and that’s what works in its favor.

A compassionate, haunting love story with a paranormal touch. Mysskin presents a friendly ghost in this terrific horror-drama that’s backed by excellent performances by newcomers Naga and Prayaga, while veteran actor Radha Ravi will leave you teary-eyed. Mysskin achieves so much with so little in this film.

Poovarasam Peepee
Making an impressive debut with a children’s adventure film, Halitha Shameem, a former associate of Mysskin, caught the attention of film buffs with her quirky tale of a bunch of boys who deal with danger in a strange and sweet way. An investigative thriller narrated through the eyes of three kids.

A taut investigative thriller, Thegidi achieves what many star-studded films failed to do this year. With movies like Pizza and Soodhu Kavvum proving to be successful with bad content and awkward presentation, Thegidi too conveniently falls in the same list of films that manage to push the envelope effortlessly.

Goli Soda
Featuring child actors in lead roles, S D Vijay Milton’s Goli Soda should not be confused as a children’s film. It has the innocence of Mani Ratnam’s Anjali, the bravery of Brazilian film City of God and the mischievousness of Little Rascals, all laced together with the spirit of a Tamil film presented in a format audience will cheer. Know more

Debutant director Raju Murugan’s Cuckoo is an endearing flick. Occasionally sad, the film explores love and hope, laced with intermittent humor. It’s is one of the best love stories in recent times because it never tries to take advantage of the lead characters’ disability. It never expects or forces the audience to sympathize with them.

Another realistic film set against the backdrop of North Madras, Pa Ranjith’s Madras saved Karthi’s career from going down the drain after four back-to-back flops. Ranjith nearly pulled off a masterpiece with a bunch of newcomers.


These are our findings and hope you enjoyed reading the best Tamil cinemas of all time movies!!!

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