If there is one thing that comes naturally to me, it is cinema  –  My sincere, unadulterated love for the movies that goes beyond entertainment.

To cut a long story short – I enjoy dissecting movies, frame by frame, deliberating over every minor detail. I ponder, contemplate and spend most of my working week looking forward to the week’s releases and most part of my weekend watching them.

Writer, blogger, film-o-holic! The moviebug bit me long back and it bit hard! I saw my first movie at the age of four. Not like understood even half of it. But have loved the big screen ever since. It’s a different high!

My trust with cinema started ages ago when I discovered my love for storytelling. We live our lives in stories, some short, some long,  that we will tell our kids someday. As I watched some great stories unfold on the screen,  I discovered the immense creativity and passion that there is in the world of cinema, a form of storytelling.

Yours Truly since then has gone on to do BBA with digital marketing and finally MBA in HR, currently, self-employed in the blogging world, wooing cinema like a dream unfinished

Write to me:  movieroundup@gmail.com